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Pre Closing Inspection Detroit Michigan


Pre Closing Inspection | PCI Environmental | 1.800.822.1724 | Michigan

Residential & Commercial Inspection

Proudly providing inspection services to Southeast Michigan.  We provide physical needs assessment with an emphasis on environmental concerns with every inspection we perform.  We dig deeper so you can sleep better.

Inspection reports come with pictures and video.  Published on-site or your money back guarantee.  We also specialize in Lead Paint testing for Detroit Rental Registrations as well as Asbestos Inspection for Pre-Demolition Surveys.  We're more than just Home Inspectors, we advise you on making the right move with your investments.  Call us today to schedule a consultation. 1-800-822-1724


What do your reports look like?  

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Any House 

Up To 3,000 Sqft

Flat Rate


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Oversight for Developers


Of Homes Inspected

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Professional Real Estate Agents Love Reports That Are Published On-Site

Our Web-based and mobile-friendly home inspection reports emphasize what's important with a clean layout, high-def photos, embedded video, easy navigation and agent tools like our Repair Request Builder.  Visual, concise, and intuitive, PCI delivers the modern experience today's market demands.  We deliver reports that clients and agents love. 

Team Meeting

Simplify your life

Keep it all under one roof.

Finally, everything you need in one place. Reliable inspection and environmental services you can schedule online by licensed, certified professionals. We're more than just home inspection.  PCI provides commercial inspection as well as pre demolition environmental surveys for municipalities.  We've worked with hundreds of home buyers and sellers, real estate investors and municipalities. 

Here are some of our services at a glance-

  • Residential Inspection

  • Investment Property Physical Needs Assessment

  • Commercial Inspection

  • Lead Based Paint Inspection

  • Lead Based Paint Risk Assessment

  • EBL Investigation

  • Asbestos Inspection

  • Pre Demolition Asbestos Surveying

  • Sewer Inspection

  • Mold Inspection

  • Termite Inspection NPM 33 Form

  • Phase I, II, III Environmental

  • Structural Engineer Inspection

  • Floor Plan and Technical Spec Drawings

  • Approved NACA Home Inspection Agency




Any House, Any Square Footage

Under 3,000 square feet

ONLY $350 for Premier Home Inspection Plan.

For any home located in Wayne, Oakland & Macomb Counties of Michigan.

"Learn about the home before you decide to close.  Avoid buying a costly mistake by purchasing a property in need of major repairs."


NACA Approved Inspection Agency

As a NACA approved inspection agency we're here to guide you through the process of the initial inspection, follow up inspections and draw request inspections.   NACA is a mortgage program that doesn't require a down payment, no closing costs, no fees, no income limits and no need for perfect credit.  

Once you're approved you can start searching for a home.  Often times these homes will need repairs and renovation.  Don't worry, this program will provide you with financing for acquisition and renovation.  Pre Closing Inspection is here to help you with the inspection process.  Contact us today for a FREE Consultation.

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The Strength of Knowing

One of the biggest advantages a pre-listing inspection delivers sellers and listing agents is the ability for them to pinpoint key issues or major repairs before the house goes on the market.  It's important that listing agents be the most knowledgeable person in the deal.  Leaving the inspection up to a buyer's inspector can decrease the seller's asking price, or worse, kill a deal entirely.

Water Quality

How old are your water supply lines?  Is the water brown? This could effect your listing. Our labs are NELAP Accredited.


Pre Listing

Are there structural issues? Adequate insulation? How's the water pressure? Let's inspect and address the issues.


After Repairs

Now that the repairs are done let's make sure your sellers disclosure is up to date. Documented in Report



Environmental issues may exist that could complicate your offering.  PCI will dig deeper so you can sleep better.


Call to Schedule a Pre Listing Inspection Appointment

+800 822 1724

We help you position your home to sell fast.  Talk to us about professional photography, Aerial Footage including 360 Degree Virtual Tours with Floor Plans.


Do you know what's in your Tap Water?

Standard Water Quality | Lead Test   $89.99

Detroit Rental Registrations 

 Lead Based Paint Inspection Risk Assessments

L.I.R.A. Compliance

Avoid Expensive Fines

Special Pricing for Investors and Multi-Family Owners

+800 822 1724

Have a multi-family building and you're wondering how many units you have to get tested?  Download this Lead Based Paint Testing HUD Guideline information and reference page 7-21 and see for yourself. It's what we use when quoting our prices.


Asbestos Inspection & Abatement

  • Plaster Walls

  • Thermal System Insulation

  • Floor & Ceiling Tile

  • Sprayed Coatings

  • Textured Coatings

  • Cement

We assist individuals and municipalities on important environmental issues that protect lives.


LOVE        US

Essential services to help you transition into your new home.

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All Inspection Types

Home Inspection

Buyer Inspection

Seller Inspection

Sewer Inspection

Mold Inspection

Roof Inspection

Foundation Inspection

Asbestos Inspection

Water Quality Testing

Structural Inspection

Electrical Inspection

Plumbing Inspection

Termite Inspection

Pest Inspection

Lead Based Paint

Lead Based Paint Inspection

Lead Based Paint Risk Assessment

Elevated Levels of Blood Investigation

Repairs, Renovations and Repair

Detroit Rental Registration

Lead Testing

Water Quality Traces of Lead Testing

Multi Family Lead Paint Testing

Water Testing

Drinking Water Lead Test

Lead and Copper Testing

Lead, Copper, Iron Testing

Heavy Metals Testing

Water Turbidity Testing

Drinking Well Water Testing

Drinking Water Bacteria Testing

Asbestos Inspection & Abatement

Pre Demolition Asbestos Inspection

AHERA Asbestos Inspection

AHERA Compliance Review

Multi Family Asbestos Inspection

Thermal System Insulation Inspection

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