Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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 Almost everyone has either had a flood or knows someone who has. Did you know that sewage backups are not covered by most homeowners’ insurance policies? Or if they are, coverage may be limited to a few thousand dollars. That’s because sewage backups are considered “external” rather than “Internal” events – like a flood due to excessive rain. When a sewage backup occurs, it is even more significant than a water leak due to the contamination factor.

If your main drain line is clogged with roots, construction debris or other obstructions waste can back up into the house with serious (and gross) consequences. It can happen without warning. If roots have entered your sewer pipe, it only takes a small amount of toilet paper or food debris to clog the pipe and cause a sewage backup into your home. Be sure to read more about The Importance of a Sewer Scope.

Being proactive is the best way to avoid this mess. Be sure to have a sewer scope performed when you schedule a home inspection. If this is important to your clients, we offer a bundle discount on sewer scope inspections with a home inspection. Please call us for details.

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