Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Inspecting for Bedbug Epidemic in Detroit

Myth: "If only we still had access to DDT we could defeat bedbugs"

In reality Bedbugs were almost all but eliminated from the industrial world due to availability and broad use of numerous pesticides, with DDT being the most common.  Since the 70's, when the United States banned DDT, significant parts of the world still utilized DDT, especially in Africa and Asia.  Since that time, decades have passed and thousands of generations of bedbugs have been exposed to various level of those pesticides, passing on increased immunity to their offspring.  The resistance is so strong in various strains that some bedbugs are resistant to DDT at 1,000 times the concentration it was previously used.  This parasite is remarkable in that it actually has the ability to pass on these traits of resistance to future generations.  In my experience it takes vigilance and cooperation from your tenants to rid the problem, often times this requires frequent trips into each unit using various chemicals and over all keeping the unit clean.

It's also advisable to know as much as you can about the bedbug if this is what you're dealing with.  They can actually be difficult to deal with.

Check out this website for more helpful information on dealing with this problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVk3xFClDQA


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